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Our story

Beginning of 2020, after some (what felt at the moment as) major failures on my plans, the need to take my future into my own hands, was louder than ever. I needed to start creating something beautiful of my own. Something tangible that I could be in total control of and craft exactly how I wanted, while building an actual brand out of it. So, with handicrafts being a hobby of mine since childhood, jewelry quickly came to mind.
I started researching materials and ideas and I run into these gorgeous agate stones almost immediately. After a few minutes of pondering over how I could use them, the idea came to me.
A couple of months and a few dozens of earrings later, Terpsi jewels was born using those stones and faux extra materials, and I started selling through Instagram & mouth to mouth. But, I soon found myself discontent with the product and in a huge need to take the business more seriously, upgrade everything and rebirth Terpsi.
This is when I decided to go all in and build a product I would actually want to invest in and add to my personal, long-term, real jewelry collection, as a customer. Something of high quality that reflected my character and ethos as a person.
From now on I would only work with real metals, showcase my soul and visions for the brand through a professional website and upgrade the designs themselves.
Thus, Terpsi Jewelry was born. The rest is here, in front of you right now <3